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« Salvator », quantum product

Outil de libération de votre conscience et d'optimisation de votre Réalité individuelle.

Salvator: optimisation de votre Réalité individuelle

Many would wish to broaden the evolution possibilities of their consciousness and to develop various functions of their brain. These thoughts have usually been at stake, and nowadays, they are the main theme of discussion. How to get optimum capabilities of human brain? How to reach harmony and get closer to perfection through inner resources? Are we finally able to monitor our consciousness? The answer is yes. But if such claim were previously reserved as science fiction only, they become reality through the unique invention of Russian scientists: This is the unprecendent core technology within the quantum medecine field: the Salvator.

« Even if the physical matters were the main reasons to buy one of these extraordinary devices [FSC or Salvator], it is important to know that each soul also recognizes the vibratory emanations of these devices »

Speaking of Salvator, one of its leading designers, the doctor Oleg Shevchenko stated the adventures of Baron Münchhausen and his fantastic story about the way he cleverly pulled himself and the horse on which he was sitting out of a mire only by his own hair. Moreover, the technology of Salvator is based on the development of the artistic and cognitive abilities of human brain and the expansion of the artistic faculties in man’s consciousness. This technology is responsible for the regulation of all processes within the human body and in our external environment: the management of events and the control of perceptions on events.


Salvator is the fruit of extensive scientific researches and the result of many outbreak studies in various fields of science: in neurophysiology, in linguistic, in psychology, in brain physiology, the central nervous system, the evolutionary physiology of human brain and consciousness. Salvator also combines knowledge in the field of nuclear physics, quantum physics and astrophysics. This unprecedented device relates to everything linked to our consciousness, to its images and often to its unconsciousness.

More than 20 years of studies have been devoted to this product. They have resulted in diversified scientific conceptions (in astrophysics and linguistic domains). However, these applied sciences have aimed to help in the development of human abilities to control biological structures and functions of the body and to direct its external reality in the right way.

Salvator is a new opportunity to develop cognitive functions of human brain with the help of symbols, text messages, linguistic techniques of conscience influence which awakens in man some images of protection and adaptation with the external condition. The main goal of Salvator is to remove all negative and destructive programs in the interpretation of the reality in man’s consciousness.

The human brain is a computer, a peculiar processor and probably the most complex object ever existed in the world. Composed of several elements and particles, it extends in time and in space. According to postulates of quantum therapy, man is a quantum and part of the intellectual system of the Universe. In interaction with the Universe, the cosmic and planetary manifestations, human beings are able to reflect such manifestation events. It is a mutual process: the universe is reflected in man and man is reflected in the universe. The principle of Salvator is based on this phenomenon.

However, persistant interaction of man with his environment and other persons, the different parameters in his life like pollution, stress, emotion, work, everyday concerns, general problems and so forth… , inevitably have an impact on him, so-called the entropic* influence.

Entropy is means messy or chaotic nature of particular system: informational, energetic, biologic or physiologic systems. Overall, the entropy brings a destructive character. Even if the case of biological evolution; it is a stimuli of an evolution possibility. The living organism meanwhile always tends towards the opposite of entropy: towards order, stability, energy balance and physiologic, biologic and informational balance.

Every man aspire stability and precision. However, our current civilization conditions such stress, environemental problems, complexity of our lives would influence our brain and cause inadequate reactions with inappropriate interpretations of the event. Moreover, not only biological processes in our body are altered, but all the events in our daily life also are affected.

Each second, our brain works on 40 scenarios of incoming events, and it has to choose the best solution that will determine man’s decisions, actions, reactions that are appropriate or not to any kind of event.

The wrong interpretation of the reality consists in the fact that human being forge false impression of a particular situation under entropic influence. Here are some examples: A woman has suffered from gasoline allergy for many years. Everytime that she passes by the gas station, she has severe allergy attacks. Many years later, the shop closed but everytime she comes around this place, the allergy happens.

A man slipped on the ice and had a trauma.Since then, he is afraid to walk on icy surface. In other words, he interpretes the reality like he is going to live it one more time. Thus, the same scenario has a high probability to happen again.

By letting oneself influenced by such negative programs of interpreting the reality, we develop an altered vision of the events which leads to wrong decisions.

A global example: scientific, medical and sociologic studies have proven that the economic crisis was engendered by the neurasthenia of some traders. In other words, by their mental and physical state when important decisions have to be taken. In summary, we could have prevented the worldwide crisis. However, the state of these persons couldn’t permit them to keep an adequate vision and to take the right decisions. Wrong interpretations were destructive for the humanity.

Therefore, Russian researchers aimed to fight and remove these negative thoughts by adopting the innovative technology called Salvator.

The Salvator functions

  • Expansion of man’s conscience possibilities, elevation of these interpretations ;

    Improvement of the brain’s electrophysiologic functions ;

    Under the influence of the central nervous system, man’s biological processes begin its auto-regulation. This is precisely the central nervous system acting like the complex computer’s processor. Responsible for this hierarchy, it is able to regulate all processes that promote renovation, energy balance, protection capabilities, and generally a reset function on human body. We call it rejuvenation.

    On the physical level, we see the change in blood composition, blood pressure, blood flow and cardiopulmonary functions, the overall regulation of metabolic precesses.

    With regard to external changes and living conditions, Salvator helps take the right decisions quickly, improves our understanding of the outside world ; for instance, the daily horoscopes including something very primitive, or the breaking news about stock exchange. Both of them suggest how we can meaningfully grasp the world and how our subconscious mind is programmed to make choices and decisions. These external influences are currently being put upon us so that we can act according to their guidelines. These constitute an additional burden to our conscience which may lead us into misinterpretation of reality.

Salvator meanwhile creates some understanding process of reality from human thoughts. In summary, Salvator is YOU. This is what allows you get away by digging down your inner resources in your immense opportunities during the most critical conditions like Baron Munchausen went through by pulling his own hair to get out of the swamp.

Regarding the symbolic aspect or the semantic development and the symbolic functions of your consciousness, Salvator creates some knowledge-images in the mind to allow yourself free and get connected with the representation: « man-ocean-universe ».

In all psychophysical practices, the oriental wisdom and medicine, man was depicted as a set with the sky and earth: « sky-earth-man », that is to say a mental representation considerably expanding consciousness of man. In a nutshell, Salvator will provide you possibilities and ability to reflect all existed phenomena in the Universe by refracting it into your consciousness.

Salvator - technologie quantique

The Salvator technology is protocol syntax, text messages to activate human brain by interacting with the Artifact Salvator which has a particular symbol. It is designed from a specific technology, adjusted to eliminate destructive interpretations of the reality and the unconsciousness. When you are free from these destructive programs by the cognitive and artistic functions of your consciousness through the informative images, Salvator assists you to discharge colossal energy. By reciprocal contact and interaction with the environment, cosmic and planetary phenomenon, we are facing a loss of 80% of information. To fill this gap of information, human being has to spend a colossal energy.

Now, imagine that this energy begins to get released by the Salvator and turns into a positive emergence for your body. This energy engenders several quantities of biological events related to the activity of protein structures which begins to organize differently. In terms of micro-organic structures, cells develop the right ability to provide protein structure thanks to energy release to get correct information. Thus, processes are established to act on genome properties. In addition, a huge quantity of information retained by genomes is released: the memory of man’s evolution process. In biological evolution, living beings that preceeded us in biological evolution have been carriers of all means of energy protection and conservation, of resistance to entropic effects. Our genome keeps these information in memory.

For instance: studies have shown that medieval armors were made to ressemble to tortoiseshells, made of beast skins and animal structures. They are knowledge that primitive man did not have because the paleontologic era was born a bit later. Actually, knowledge of the animal anatomy and morphology were acquired sometime later.

In other words, these knowledges were retrieved from the memory of our genome and transformed into means of protection. This means that we have the technology to allow us to exploit huge potential informational ability oriented to the protection and regeneration of our organism. All these processes will help revitalize the body to regenerate its structures. Human capability to reshape reality through the faculity of consiciousness is one fact which is never less important.

Man has the ability to create reality, not only with their physical actions but also by his psychophysical interpretation and transmission of reality through semantic images, language patterns and awareness. This is done by subsequently projecting thse events, phenomenon and object in their environment like a scenario. Another function in Salvator will enable optimal development of this process by considering into account its individual specificities.

An objection we often hear: « even when an algorithm consistently beats human judgment, people prefer to go with their gut” so how would Salvator be effective? »

To answer it, let’s talk about the icone and the prayer: a person stands in front of an icone to say a prayer, in other words: to recite a text.

This person is not the only one who would pronounce the same text or do the same ritual, use the same symbols for some reason. The same case happens in Salvator: the same images and algorithms allow people of all ages, of different social background, education level or personality, to get what’s essential and what’s related to their goal and the nature of their problems in accordance with the external world.

From this point of view, this technology is similar to the Greek democracy where people evolve differently but in the same direction. That’s how social life works: a harmony between man and his environment. The use of Salvator implies significant expansion opportunities for the evolution of consciousness, the control of physical body and life control. Besides, we learn to be the cause of actions and events in alignment, and not in contradiction with the outside world and the interests of others.

It is important to note that Salvator can in no way affect its user because it does not program the consciousness of the person. The programming is based on the principle of rhythms while Salvator on the principle of common senses: the semantic nature of consciousness, ideas and images. Salvator awakens the critical sense of the person and let his free will decide his actions. Salvator’s designers exclude any likelihood of harm through this technology. They highlight its unique specificity showing that Salvator technology is unparalleled. Indeed, the team of Russian scientists is now the source of the unprecendented inventions and Salvator is one of them. Besides, Salvatror does not oppose other technologies; it effectively completes the Functional State Corrector.

In the same way as the hero of Jules Verne, Nemo the captain has embarked on the construction of the Nautilus by collecting coins from around the world on an island without anyone knowing. And in the same way, Salvator is designed with coin type element of knowledge from several science domains.

With Salvator, a higher level of consciousness and understanding has been reached to modify the way one’s want to lead life, to find confidence, health, immense resources deep inside of us in order to give an impulsion on new best acitons. Salavator is the key of our unknown abilities.

We insist on the fact that this product is for personal use that cannot be borrowed. After being activated, the Salvator can’t be used by someone else because it will be set to its first user’s frequencies.

But beware; Salvator does not automatically work in contact with a person as the other FSCs do. To activate Salvator, it is a must to read special formula. Its protocol, written in French, is included with the delivery package. This prevention excludes Salvator’s activation during its transportation and order procedures.

The protocol attached to Salvator is the translation of a Russian text, almost mysterious and poetic. Besides, the official and initial protocol was enriched by Salvator user’s experiences in Russia. For instance, the Artifact Salvator rotation helps us control our life. Orienting Salvator to a precise direction attracts our wishes (health, relationship, money, particular situation…). Conversely, if one wishes to free from something such as toxic memory, disease, unfavourable situation, Artifact Salvator must be turned to the opposite direction. Like a black hole, Salvator absorbes negative situations.

We’re always at your disposal for any questions about Salavator or its notice.

Warning: for some reasons above, Salvator can’t be returned or exchanged. It is neither available for rent.

Diameter: 7cm. Weight: 250g. Main material: bronze.

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« Salvator », quantum product

« Salvator », quantum product

Outil de libération de votre conscience et d'optimisation de votre Réalité individuelle.

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