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What is FSC?

The Functional State Corrector or FSC or Koltsov’s plate or Koltsov’s FSCs or Koltsov’s key, is a revolutionary health domain invention of Russian scientists. It protects man against parasites and harmful effects of the environment such as electromagnetic radiations or radioactive materials.

Harmonious and beneficial information for the whole body is recorded on Koltsov’s FSC. This information is synchonizingly registered with the rhythms of Earth’s magnetic field and the external cosmic radiation. Therefore, FSC synchronizes rhythms of human body with those of the external environment, which is the main condition of recovery and staying healthy!

Recorded information on Koltsov’s FSC protects us from negative psycho-energy influences and neutralizes bio-pathogen field effects. Therefore, FSCs correct frequency characteristics of Hartmann network (Cosmo-telluric network turning around Earth). Recorded FSCs vary depending on their applications.

FSC description was written in the early launch of the device. But nowadays, each FSC properties can easily be completed by many people from the experience result they get. FSC descriptive scope seems enormous and more exhaustive than what’s presented below.

The main common functions of Koltsov’s FSC :

  1. Protection against harmful effects of our environment : electromagnetic waves, geo-pathogen fields and negative psycho-energy influences

  1. General structuration of water and liquids, including body fluids: blood, lymph, saliva, even fuel (For more information about fuel saving, click here: Ref. question n°7 in « Questions and Answers » section)

  1. Correction of abnormality in our organism

FSCs detect mismatches due dysfunction of living organism. Then to fix it, FSCs are triggered. The FSC will work until organs and our body system operate back to normal.

Properties of Functional State Correctors: why use Koltsov’s FSC?

The Functional State Correctors:

  • Correct all body function (such as metabolism or acid-base balance), that’s why the device is called Functional State Corrector.

  • Restore immunity to effectively fight against any infection and provide effective prevention.

  • Cleanse organism from parasites, bad bacteria and organic waste ;

  • Form protection against electromagnetic radiations ;

  • Give energy, increase physical strength and flexibility ;

  • Increase stress and fatigue resistance and psycho-pathogen attacks;

  • Structure water and liquids in general. Liquids charged via FSCs help the body fight against dehydration and cell ageing. Microorganisms can’t develop in structured aqueous environment. Salt doesn’t settle thereon and toxins are neutralized;

  • Regulate the overall human body system (endocrine or nervous system) ;

  • Normalize female hormone secretion and efficiently burn excess fat;

  • Increase testosterone level in men, and efficiently help fight urological problems.

  • Cosmetic use (natural lifting, skin whitening and nutrition) ;

  • In case of trauma or fracture, FSCs allow bone regeneration two weeks faster (according to hospital doctors) ;

  • Modify Octane rating to save 10 to 15%-fuel consumption

  • Extend food preservation;

  • Act on brain area in charge of dependancy and bad habits, thus efficiently fight any type of addiction;

  • Promote spiritual practices and moral development ;

  • Synchronize functioning rhythm of the body with the Earth’s magnetic field and the cosmic radiation, etc.

FSC application fields are limitless.

In summary, the Functional State Corrector is recommended for all types of pathologies, in addition to the overall treatment. It does not replace medical prescription but complements and enhances the effectiveness of any therapy.

It’s an amazing discovery for workers and sportspeople. According to conducted studies, these tiny devices do not only help improve sport performance result, but quickly recover from exhaustive exertion. And for some people, the Functional State Corrector is an excellent handheld energy-therapy element to bring force and optimism to life. In other words, FSCs are necessary for all living organisms under any circumstances even for healthy people. FSCs offer effective prevention!

FSCs are easy to use. Any correctors can be used to structure water and to transmit all information recorded in those same correctors. It is a systemic treatment of body environment by water.

Damaged by artificial waves and emitted by human techno-gene activity, these Kirlian photographies highlight our aura. The importance of a strong and harmonious aura is crucial because it protects against external attacks such as microbes, infections, negative influences and stresses…

30-minute application of Koltsov’s FSC should be enough to correct our energy state! After each application session of FSC, strength and energy surge are felt.

In short, the Functional State Corrector is a portable bio-energy device that can follow you anywhere to purify your surroundings, boost all aqueous environment, improve your way of living and provide an effective means of prevention! It is indeed a short, medium and long term investment.

Finally, calculate how long you would make your investment profitable when making fuel saving from 10 to 15%! The benefits in terms of health are meanwhile priceless!

Watch this video presentation. It explains the main functions of correctors:


Functional State correctors are classified by series:

Blue series: medicinal plants, minerals, curative spring waters:

FSC n˚1 « Anti-parasite »

FSC n°2 « Detoxification »

FSC n°3 « Fat burner for women »

FSC n°4 « Fat burner for men »

FSC n˚5 « Rehabilitation »

FSC n˚6 « Skin care: Wrinkle Prevention »

FSC n°7 « Nutrition of the skin, lifting »

FSC n˚8 « Night cosmetology »

Green series: Places of Power (Cosmo-telluric places)

FSC « Longevity »

FSC « Healthy generation »

FSC « Harmony »

FSC « Success »

FSC « Love »

FSC « Clear vision »

FSC « Talisman - woman’s amulet »

FSC « Talisman - man’s amulet »

Lilac series: spirituality and Cosmo-energy (channel opening)

FSC n°9 « Healthy heart »

FSC n°10 « Healthy joints »

FSC n˚11 « Healthy way of life »

FSC n˚12 « Healthy deep sleep »

FSC n˚13 « Healthy intellect »

FSC n°14 « Golden Pyramid »

FSC n°15 « Rejuvenation - light of life »

FSC n˚16 « Clear Space »

Golden series: Maya cosmic theurgy (implies the Maya channel opening);

FSC n˚17 « Rebirth »

FSC n°18 « Synchronization »

FSC n°19 « Anti-tobacco »

FSC n˚20 « Cleansing »

FSC n˚21 « Mirror of the soul »

FSC n˚22 « Returning to Yourself »

FSC n˚23 « Liberation »

FSC n°24 « Clarification »

Exclusive series: medicinal plants, minerals, curative spring waters, Cosmo-energy channels;

FSC « Healing »

FSC « Healing - 2 »

FSC « Amaranth »

FSC « Fauna and Flora »

FSC « Beauty factor »

FSC « Anti-cataclysm »

FSC « Fortune »

FSC « Danilovo Lake »

New 2015 FSCs: places of power and Cosmo-energy channels:

FSC « Black mountain » for man

FSC « Apple of youth »

FSC « Love formula Yin » for woman

FSC « Love formula Yang » for man

FSC « Shambala Spring »

FSC « Source of life »

FSC « Reboot - Cleaning »

FSC « Reboot - Filling »

New 2016 FSCs :

FSC « Lurking Lake »

FSC « Clear vision - 2 »

Special protection

Phone radiation shield plate: electromagnetic radiation protection placed at the back of your smartphone

Talisman « Energy of life » : medallion or mini-FSC

Quantum technology : Artifact Salvator

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