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How the Piokal stimulator works

The PIOKAL Bioenergetic stimulator is a powerful health-improving device, which is a product of information medicine based on most recent scientific researches and technologies.

The PIOKAL stimulator restores information chains, improves energy flows and self-regulation processes of the body working both on cellular level as in the body as a whole. The bio resonance approach which underlies this method provides reflection and amplification of body-own wave radiations generated by bioactive points on the feet in order to achieve a resonance neutralization of pathologies in the human body.

The wave bioenergy, reflected from the stimulator, works on cellular level and restores the right initial frequency of the cell, corrects the misbalance and gives the cell a chance to take advantage of additional energy for “peaceful use” – for better functioning. Since a cell is a self-directed unit, the better metabolism and the improved vital functions result into the fact that the cell starts to free oneself from everything what is unnecessary, in order to actually clean and recondition oneself.

The health-improving effect of the PIOKAL device covers the whole body, because the bioactive points on the feet are projections of almost all inner organs and systems of our body. As energy is being reflected, a thermic effect is being produced. Due to this fact the blood vessels – arteries and veins in the skin and in the hypodermic tissue – become larger and all inactive capillaries start to open, providing a better blood flow in the skin. This results in a higher capillary diffusion, a better metabolism, waste and toxins drain, stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system, which influences the productivity of the inner organs, respiratory and blood circulatory system as well as stimulates the immune response.

The PIOKAL stimulator is not a remedy, which would work upon a specific disease or a group of diseases – reflecting the proper bioenergy of a person it improves the transfer of information in the body, regulates the metabolism, intensifies the bio field and operates the self-regulation mechanism.

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