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Collected results by Russian scientists

Several people with various chronic diseases take allopathic medicines in vain. Despite the pessimistic decisions from doctors, these people are surprised and delighted with the results from Koltsov’s FSCs

For some diseases, Hepatitis C virus is not seen in the blood anymore after a month of FSC treatment; for tuberculosis, using FSC n°1, 2 and 5 without any medication kill germs to gives air-space in the lung. Some doctors become perplex.

Incredible results on diabetes especially with the type 2 are seen. For the type 1, a decrease of insulin rate is observed. Some patients stop their injection treatment after 4 to 5 months using FSCs

The endarteritis obliterans is an incurable and progressive disease that leads to legs amputation. Miraculously, bedridden patients who have partially had atrophied legs could get back to work after using FSCs for 3 months.

Tremendous results were seen on serious diseases called incurable, such as multiple sclerosis.

Many results of cysts, fibroids, polyps, lipomas and tumors disappear after using correctors. Some results exceed all expectations. For example, a woman was no longer detectable in palpation on her breast tumor after placing FSC n°1 on her breast overnight. Similarly, a gallstone in men’s pancreas reduces in size after placing FSC n°1 by pancreas area overnight. Five days later, it completely disappears.

There are tons of instances. A person with Parkinson's disease have most of symptoms disappeared after 3 months using FSC n 1, 2 and 5. He completely refuses to take medication afterwards.

The herniated disc has information origin. By regularly recharging energy, you can cure it over times (see documentation => glossary). But this has to undergo delicate processes.

FSCs have good effects on children with cerebral palsy or Graham Little syndrome. Cerebral crisis frequency decreases. And over times, they forget the existence of such disease because epilepsy crisis reflect intrusion of evil forces.

FSC n°1 and 2, or n° 5, allow liver cells restoration and cure all types of hepatitis or cirrhosis at any stage of development.

Asthma indicates that human body is completely dehydrated. So, we must follow specific protocol to cure such kind of diseases. It is the same for all allergies.

Toutes les personnes qui utilisent les CEF remarquent qu’elles n’ont plus de maux de tête.

People using FSCs find out they do not have headaches anymore, especially those who previously suffered from weather change and magnetic storms. They get better boosting-win morale; no more signs of depression, nor nerves or susceptibility. Actually, emotional balance settles. Vitality and professional motivation increase significantly.

Almost children of all ages never get sick in families who own FSC devices at home. Any ailments in a child disappear after putting FSC n°1 or n°2 on its coccyx during 3 minutes. In case of stomach pain, FSCs should be placed on the belly. It is also important for the child to drink structured water.


Results from the use of Koltsov’s FSCs are presented below.


Diabetes: a 12 year old boy was suffering from diabetes for 5 years. His mother brought him for aura diagnosis. She was aware of FSCs but did not believe their effectiveness. Energy recharge was recommended for the child by a drink of water structured via FSC n°2. Four hours later, the blood sugar level has decreased from 12.5 to 5.2. Astonishingly, the little boy’s mother immediately bought FSC n°1, 2 and 5. Her son actively used them, and now very healthy.

The endarteritis obliterans is a chronic disease affecting blood vessels and blocks leg arteries. These last decades, a 50 year-old man had tried many drugs treatments.

The pain relief was only short term because the disease kept progressing. Seeing no way out, doctors put him on disability. They knew about the correctors but did not believe their effectiveness. When they completely renounce to treat the patient, the man lost the use of his legs. Anyway in the midst of last hope, they finally decided to try FSCs n°1, 2 and 4. The first three weeks were painfully tough and worsen. However, such aggravation is part of the kind of recovery process. Today, this man is independent and has his professional activity back again.

Tuberculosis: a young girl was suffering from tuberculosis for 2 years. Traditional treatments did not give any good result. FSC n°1, 2 and 5 were recommended but she could only afford FSC n°1. By properly following all instructions during one month and a half (drinking structured water, making energy refill, having structured bathing water and carrying the FSC on painful parts of the body), there was no trace of the disease after passing a tomography and mucus tests. For two weeks, she had fought for stopping all chemotherapy procedures but doctors are perplexed. Such diagnosis is not unique.

Cataract: Lyudmila, 49 years old, had suffered from cataract: a big white spot in one eye and a clouding eye lens in the other. The disease was a tragedy for the woman. Large timing has been spent before undergoing the risky eye surgery because she has tachycardia and other heart problems. Fortuitously, she heard about the FSCs existence when she was invited by her friends who lent her FSC n°1 for her eye with albugo (the white spot). Fifteen minutes later, the foggy cloud in one eye has completely disappeared. The iris was completely cleared up; the white veil was lessening until pupils become seen.

This unexpected result made the poor lady cry for joy. She bought FSC n°1, 2 and 3 and she is still using them for 4 years. Now, she has her perfect sight back. A tiny white dot is only noticed in the eye caught by albugo. Doctors are shocked and do not know what to say. The woman bought CEF No. 5 to clean up blood, lymph and liver, because it directly affects the sight. Moreover, after using the correctors for a month, her heart problems have disappeared. Since then, she doesn’t take any drugs like before with her tachycardia, arrhythmia, high blood pressure and sometimes her loss of consciousness.

Similarly, this same patient treated her cystitis and permanent pain in the lower abdomen, without any medication for two weeks when starting to use FSCs. Even as the allopathic treatment did not work, the gastrointestinal tract is regulated despite of her chronic constipation. In three months, she has lost 7 kg. Stress left a place for vitality and joy of living.

Urinary incontinence: mostly happens to elderly persons. A woman, 73, uses FSCs for 1 month only. Her health problem is 80% solved. She suffered from urinary incontinence more than 5 years and could not have solved this problem following medications.

High blood pressure, low blood pressure and high blood pressure crisis

High blood pressure: a 73 year-old woman has suffered from hypertension. She has used FSCs for 1 month; her blood pressure has not increased and remained stable within normal pressure value. The proper functioning of all organs and body system were restored when she has been using these controllers. Her problems disappear without traces because blood pressure variations are not diseases but only indicate that the liver, kidneys and blood vessels are clogged.

Low blood pressure: the author of this article personally witnessed the blood pressure record of a woman from 120/80 to 90/60 in 15 minutes, exempted of medication, coffee or other things. The patient only did an energy refill.

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