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Beware of scams
Beware of FSC sold at attractive prices, especially from Russian websites because of the following reasons:

⦁    Buyer are in charge of 20% VAT fees when receiving the package: 20%  VAT on imported products + clearance fees + custom fees. However, in our selling price, everything is included, even the shipping cost;

⦁    You can’t claim if you have problem with FSC products ordered from Russia (eg: delivery delays, defects or loss of the items). Packages from Rusian are sometimes lost or the delivery delay would take two months.

⦁    Besides, the service provided in Russia isn’t the same as what you get from us. To know more about it, please go to the shop section of our website: (http://functional-state-corrector.com/boutique/)
Moreover, any query will be done in English and it’s compulsory that all the results are conducted through protocol. Note that our user’s manual has ten pages and is composed of daily exercice images.
⦁    Finally, beware of counterfeit items because they are common facts in Russia and France. Moreover, beware of French pseudo-companies which do not report their marketing activities through customs and do not provide invoices.

We remind you that selling counterfeit items are risky.
Receiving counterfeit item may result custom penalties. Thus, the products may be confiscated or must be paid double priced of the authentic item’s value.

When you open your FSC case and if it doesn’t look like this picture, it might be a counterfeit product.

1) How long do the FSCs last ?
The FSCs are designed to last forever. Its inventor Seguei Koltsoff stated: « As long as terrestrial magnetic field exists, FSCs continue to work.»

2) Can the same FSCs be used by two persons ?
FSCs don’t carry negative information and can’t transmit pathologies. Therefore, all family members can use or lend them to other people safely.

3) Are FSCs rechargeable ?
FSC have no battery, no spare parts, and no power supply. They draw energy into their invironment.

4) Can the information saved on FSCs devices be modified or deleted?
The information was recorded on these magnetic devices once but unalterable. Unlike rocks and minerals, FSCs retain unlimited information and cannot be discharged in time.

5) can FSCs be discharged when in contact with magnet or strong radiation emission?
No, they can’t be altered by external factors whatsoever and can handle strong radiation emission. They were specifically designed to transform electromagnetic waves into radiations near natural ones and are beneficial for living organisms.

6) Are metal detectors at the airports dangerous for FSCs?
FSC are not detecatable by airport scanners because they are not composed of metal particle but made of magnetic resin. And, X-rays do not affect their work.

7) How to save fuel? Does it fit both diesel and gasoline?
In fuel structuration process, its octane number changes in order to travel more kilometers than before, only with the same fuel quantity. To do so with diesel and gasoline, you have to stick the FSC against the fuel pipe while filling its tank.

8) Which FSC can be used to save fuel? What’s the real value of this procedure?
Generally, All FSCs structure fluids and thereby alter the octane number. However, the FSC n°1 is more efficient than the others. Fuel economy varies greatly depending on vehicle brand and models. On average, you can expect to save about 10 to 15

9) How to buy FSCs? What are the payment methods?
You can make online purchase with your credit cards. Simply add FSCs to cart and follow the payment instructions. You can opt for bank transfers. To do this, your bank routing number must be filled in Shop section – Payment. You can send us checks by email. All our contact details are available in Shope – Payment - Contact

10) How to choose FSCs ?
With a large number of FSCs, it can be difficult to make the right choice. You should focus on your priorities and help you with the “result of use” available in “Documentation”. If issues stated in the descriptions do not match your situation, feel free to contact us by sending your specific description.

11) What are the delivery procedures ?
FSC package will be sent by standard postal delivery but if you would like it shipped with recommended letter (which is free of charge), you will get it directly to your mailbox. You can also choose a Collissimo delivery by signature with an additional fee on the reception of your package. In this case, additional contribution charge will be requested when ordering.

12) How long does the delivery take?
If all the ordered products are available, delivery process will take from 2 to 4 days after payment. If we need to re-supply some of your purchase order, the delivery will be from 8 to 15 days. If we need to order some products from our supplier in Russia, it might last from 3 to 6 weeks on business day. However, if you need partial deliveries as per available products, we can divide your delivery process (still for free shipping).
In any cases, your payment is received, your order is confirmed.

13) How to get personnal advises ?
If you want assistance about FSC choices, please feel free to contact us by phone or email available at the contact section by mentioning your time of availability.

14) Is only one FSC enough ?
In some cases, one FSC is enough but generally, if we are sick, it means we are intoxicated. It is advised to get deep cleansing by starting with FSC n°1 and n°2. They can be used separately or together or with another additional FSC depending on severity and duration of pathology.

15)  Do FSCs have sides more or less active?
FSCs work on any sides but the short rectangular sides are more active and powerful. Besides, the two faces provide similar power.

16) For energy recharge, are there any specific FSCs assigned to particular chakras?
Any FSC can be placed on any kind of energy center regardless its faces positions. (See. Energy recharges definition in the « Documentation », then « Glossary » section).

17) Does it matter in what order you do energy recharges?
It is better to respect the shown position to ensure all the energy centers opened. (see. Pictures provided in the User’s manual)

18)  How to structure water and how long does the structuration procedure lasts?
To structure water, place the FSC under or above a glass or a cup for 3 minutes. When you pour water in the glass from 2 or 3 centimeters of the corrector, it changes its structure instantly. When liquid is being poured and is moving into direct contact with FSC, the flow of the water is structured instantly; however, if the liquid is tationary, it will need few minutes to be fully structured. Thus, depending on the volume of water in the glass, it will take 3 minutes or longer. However, if you have the opportunity to shake the botte and open the cap, structurisation process will be faster.
For the new exclusive FSC (see the new 2015 and 2016 FSCs), water dynamisation is longer, about 3 to 5 hours. For a bottle of water, all night is necessary.

19)  How if I can’t drink enough water ?
If you can’t drink the needed structured water (See. General methodology), you may drink regular small sips. Furthermore, all FSCs alter the structure of all fluids our body. And even if you don’t drink much, they continue to work on human body still.

20)  What if I already drink tea/ fruit juice/ milk?
Your body needs to drink pure water to function properly. If you have dehydrating drink like tea, coffee, sodas or alcohol, you also have to drink pure water of the same quantity.

21)  Can we carry several FSC at the same time ?
Indeed, we can carry several FSC at the same time: for exemple: the n°1 in the pocket, the n°15 at the solar plexus level and the n°9 by chakra of the heart.

22)  Why is the combination of FSC n°1 and n°2  recommended?
The FSC n°1 and n°2 are complete and act on all functions and organs of the body to guarantee the acido-base balance and reinforce immunity. Their job is complementary because FSC n°1 Antiparasite creates some hostile environment for parasites, and FSC n°2 Detoxification helps for their cleansing and elimination. They are both set according to the rhythms of the Earth and the cosmic radiation. They are more or less active depending each moment of the day. (See. General methodology). Therefore, FSC n°1 and n°2 are used alternatively for a deep cleansing.

23)  Do FSCs break when fall to the ground? What damage can it get?
There will be no consequence if FSCs fall down. But sudden temperature change is critical. So avoid placing them in a cup of hot water and nearby refrigerator and Vis-versa. If one FSC falls in water, take it out immediately, open the plastic case and dry it.
24)  I happen to wash my FSC in the washing machine. How do I know if it still working or not ?
If the thin plates inside the box have not loosened, the device still works.

25)  Is there any maintenance to do for FSC ?

When you open the protective case, you will find four small holes in the plate. Ensure they are not clogged with dust or crumbs.Simply use a needle to clean them.

26) Are other therapies or treatments compatible with the use of FSCs ?
All medical treatments like allopathic medicines, homeopathy or therapies are perfectly compatible with FSCs. FSCs enhance the medical and spiritual treatment effectiveness. Moreover, bioenergy provides some benefits to lessen the side effects of treatments.

27) I have used FSCs for months. Can I go on without medecines?
The FSCs are recommended for any types of pathology in addition to global treatment. But they don’t replace medical prescriptions, instead they complement and enhance treatment efficacy while reducing side effects. We advise you to see a doctor and follow the medical prescriptions.

28) Can I carry one or more FSC while doing sports?
FSCs are real finding for workders and sportsmen. According to conducted studies, these devices not only help for significant improvement and sports results, but also contribute in fast recovery after big effort. FSCs neutralize lactic acid formed in muscle and limit muscle pain. Of course, you can keep one or more FSCs on you while you exercise. You may prepare structuring your bottle of water to hydrate regularly.

29) Are FSCs dangerous for babies and children ?
FSCs don’t have any side effects and are safe for everyone. Conversely, they are very useful for young and elderly people thanks to their effect on immune system. .

30) Can a pregnant woman use FSCs?
Oui, il est recommandé aux femmes enceintes d’utiliser le CEF n°3 pour réguler les hormones, palier aux problèmes gynécologiques et favoriser une grossesse sans risques; le CEF « Génération saine » pour la santé de l’enfant à naitre.>
Yes, it is recommended to pregnant women to use FSC n°3 to regulate hormones, to face gynecologic issues and to promote safe pregnancy. We can advise FSC “Healthy Generation” for the health of the unborn child.

31)  I had a bad cold a few days after using the FSCs, is the situation related?
Using FSCs may involve cold, headache, cough, pimples, itching. Indeed, FSCs increase strength and promote detoxification from nocive elements in human body. The removal process can take more or less time depending on health status of the person. To mitigate the effect of detoxification and boost the cleansing process, it is recommended to drink more structured water. Understand that the removal is a necessary step for cure and healing.

32) I sleep a lot since I got FSCs, is this normal?
You might feel the need of much sleep during the first few weeks or the first month of FSC use. In this case, it is better to listen to your body and sleep more. Indeed, detoxification is associated with muscle weakness and relaxation which would increase the usual time for rest. In general, the overflow of energy contributes to a state of an unusual fatigue during the adaptation of the body to the energy provided by FSCs.

33) Can we carry several FSCs at the same time?
Yes, it is fine to carry multiple FSCs with you. For exemple: FSCn° 5 for the liver, FSC n° 15 for the solar plexus and FSC n° 2 for painful wrist (sticked with a tape). At night, it is possible to place FSC n° 8 under the pillow, FSC n°3 or 4 on the abdomen and FSC n°2 on a painful knee.

34) Should we remove the plate from its case?

We only open the box to slip a note (or a photo), otherwise, the FSC has to be used in its protective plastic case (blue, lilac or green).

35) Where to get the user’s manual ?
Your order comes with a detailed user’s manual in French. Further technics are also available on request (for example: accelerating vows achievement)>.

36) How to remotely assist relatives from a distance?
Your order is delivered with a French detailed manual. Further utilization technics are available on request such as remotely helping a relative from a distance. You may request additional information by email.

37) Why purchase FSC n°1 and 2? How are they complementary?
The root cause of diseases in human body is the presence of various parasites hidden in organs. FSC n°1 « Antiparasite » builds hostile environment to parasites like viruses, worms, infections. All these unwanted parasites no longer have choice: either they leave the organism or perish. But bacteria secret toxins and cause acidosis before dying.
FSC n°2 « Detoxification » stimulates the elimination of dead parasites, waste and toxins left in the body. It has the advantage of being alkalizing and perfectly complements with FSC n°1 to assure acido-base balance.
Besides, both FSC n°1 and 2 are adjusted according to rhythms of the day and the Earth: FSC n°1 is more active in the morning until 4-5pm and FSC n°2 takes turn afterwards.
In other words, FSC n°1 and 2 are essential and are part of lifestyle. They form the base of health and act on all body functions. These two basic FSC can be effectively completed by specific FSCs. In hepatitis or liver cirrhosis, FSC n°5 is advised because it restores proper functioning of liver and biliary tract, cleanses blood and lymph and favor removal of heavy metals. In case of joint pain, you can add FSC n°10 “Healthy joints” as it will take action on pain and inflammation, etc.

38) Are subtle bodies permanently repaired when using FSCs? In other words, does the protective field remain for some reason? In short, does the fact of having used FSCs definitely change our vibratory rate?  
When we carry FSCs, we are protected against negative influences of the environment such as electromagnetic radiation, geopathogen fields or adverse psycho-energy influences. And thanks to FSCs, living beings are in harmony with the rhythms of the earth because FSCs synchronize the internal rhythms in the organisme with the external radiations. You have been aware that the core of the Earth emits more and more fast frequency and this uncotraollable acceleration rhythm is extremely unfavorable to man’s development on Earth.
Moreover, FSCs help restore the aura, then increase our immune system. Structurization by FSCs will transform poor quality water become a good one for our health by structuring its atoms.
However, if you decide to stop using FSCs, our body will return to its original state and won’t be able to cope with external aggressions. Actually, our body develops its own defense towards negative environmental effects, and because FSCs are recent inventions (in 2008), we can’t define how long we would need them.
Some people would say we are able to perform the same function as an FSC does. And they are right! However, remember that everyone has not reached that stage of development.
*More info about question n°49.

39) Can I use three or four FSCs at the same time for energy recharge?
Indeed, when you have more than one FSC, you can take advantage of their energy simultaneously. For instance for the left foot, right hand, root chakra and last cervical (see: the image of energy recharge. User’s manual is provided). If you only have one FSC, you would proceed the same way by opening all chakras one by one.  The exercise however would take longer.

40) Can I perform energy recharge with FSC n°1 at night?
Absolutely, all FSC without exception may be used in energy recharge anytime. Thus, if you have FSC n°1 and 2, you can get both of their energy recharge before sleeping.

41) Can I carry FSC n°7during the day and recharge my drinks with FSC n°1 until 4 to 5pm, and beyond with FSC n°2?
Sure! You can carry one FSC and use another one to recharge water or liquids. However, think about drinking structured water with all FSCs without missing a single one and without mixing provided information. Use one FSC one at a time to boost liquids.  In the morning, you better use FSC n°1 and the n°2 in the evening and night. Other FSCs can be carried or used all day long.

42) Can FSCd help bring back customers and increase my business turnover?
FSCs operate in close relationship with our thoughts to considerably help develop our business. We can talk about FSC « Success » or « Fortune » to promote positive effects of our daily life: in projects, jobs, exams, trades, air travels, administration, trial, conflicts, family issues and so on. Generally, FSCs help to solve complicated situations.
Besides, human thoughts are based on vibratory waves. The experimentation of Masaru Emoto in quantum physics stated: “human mind is capable of anything”. Thus, if the business manager transmits good vibrations like trust or prosperity frequency, they will be able to attract what they want at the exact moment. Generally, a reciprocal attraction of energy is naturally built-up between us and our surroundings.
Have you ever noticed that when you change, everything around you changes also?!

43) If I place something on an FSC, will it take the FSC’s information? if so, will they remain for long time?
Actually, what you place on the FSCs for 15 or 20 minutes is informationally cleansed. That is to say all negative emissions would disappear but this won’t mean that this object will get the FSC properties. Furthermore, when in contact with one person, the object will take account of the new energy of that person. Therefore, if you would like to give your clothes, you better clean its personnal information first. (See. Methodology in the 8th paragraph)

44) Some FSCs block entities but does it happen with the good ones also?
Of course, FSCs protect from bad entities like FSC n°1 do with bad bacteria, but neither with the good ones. Indeed, it’s a matter of vibration. All recorded information on FSCs is harmonious and beneficial to our health. The FSC’s role is to sort out what is bad and what is good for us.

45) What is the difference between the blue, lilac and green series of FSCs?
Energies are different in nature. FSC blue series convey information of medicinal plants, minerals and sources of healing water; Green FSCs contain, in turn, information from places of power that have particular energy; and FSC Lilac series open cosmo-energy channels and build a connection with spiritual world. Finally, FSC gold series contain powerful Mayan channels and foster insights; they also protect and cleanse psycho-pathology influences and paranormal phenomena in addition to their work on karma or ancestral problems.
To summarize: the blue FSCs essentially act on our physical body, green FSCs on our soul and lilac FSCs on our mind. Of course, these three series are not so different. All FSCs correct our energy structure and our body benefits their well-being.  
Among all controllers, FSC gold and lilac promote the most spiritual practices and morality improvement. We consciously receive more information and premonitory dreams; we are more intuitive and open to others.  We also meet new people and insights.

46) Can I put intention note for two different persons in one FSC?
No, you cannot. This is not possible because one FSC can only work on one person and with one intention note. If you have placed a picture of yourself along with your intention note, avoid lending this FSC to someone else.

47) I don’t sleep well since I have used FSCs, is there connexion in-between?
FSC energy might be very powerful for you in the beginning. This is the case if you are not used to energy transmission. Excess energy at the first use of FSCs may cause inability to fall asleep. Thus, it is recommended to lessen their use, especially wearing them in the evening and night. Instead, you may opt on structuring water and other liquids at first.
Avoid putting FSCs under your pillow. First, you should get used to them by placing them on your nightstand next to your feet during the night specifically for FSC n°8 which promotes sleep, and though for the first days or week, this FSC may show the opposite effect. Please refer to the user’s manual of FSC n°8.

48) Do FSCs come with packaging?
FSCs are sold in their plastic packaging (See the picture below). The user’s manual is in French.

49) What does « the FSCs synchronise rhythms » mean?
The core of the Earth emits frequencies on Earth surfaces. The transmitted frequencies affect health status and longevity of living beings including you and me. In the 40s and 50s of the last century, the rhythm of the Earth or the terrestrial core frequency was about 7.83Hz according to Schumann. But this rhythm has accelerated over times and has become 11 to 12Hz in some major cities. This explains why one feels stressful around there.

Physicists have alerted that man can’t stand and live if this rhythm reaches 13 Hertz. Indeed unlike parasites, man slowly adapts and become more and more resistant. Today, you probably know that we have don’t have the same kind of parasites which had existed 5 or 10 years ago.
All FSCs help synchronizing human rythms with its surroundings. When we’re in contact with one or more FSCs, its like if we evolved in an environment of 7.83 which is an ideal condition for the development of man on Earth. In contact with one or more FSCs, you feel serenity, and better sleep. Depresion goes away to become optimism and good humor.

50) If I only have FSC n°1, can I wear it after 4pm?
If you can’t afford FSC n°2, you can absolutely use the n°1 in the evening and night. FSC n°1 is just less effective after 4pm but it will become active again in the morning. In all cases, the use of FSC n°1 outside of the recommended schedule does not have huge effects. It however may disrupt sleep in most susceptible individuals

51) I feel the two labels on the FSCs are harmful, can I take the out?
One of the labells is sticked on the outer case, the second is placed on the plate itself and visible when opening the case.  It’s a proof they are genuine.
They can be removed safely without any impact on the FSC performance. However, scratching the surface of the plate or the casing hardly may affect the function of the device. No significant difference was shown on FSC performance with or without labels after performing tests with a bio-resonance device. You can safely use FSCs as they are.

52) How do I know if FSCs work on me? I don’t feel anything, is this normal?
First of all, a few people can directly feel some subtle energy if it is their first experience with vibratory medicine or bioenergy. This is normal to not feel FSC vibrations. But it will happen some time before you can account the emitted frequencies by the device. This time varies among individuals depending on their practices and their receptivity.
Secondly, it is not because you are not receptive to scalar waves to enjoy their benefits but the point that everyone does not receive electromagnetic waves to not have impact on health of all living beings (more information about Electro Magnetic waves, click here)

53) Can a person with a pacemaker use FSCs?
By following the recommended protocol of use, people who carry pacemaker can cautiously use one or more FSCs.
However, avoid placing FSCs directly near the pacemaker device which might be useless because its batteries can be discharged and its lifespan alterated. (More information on the particular use of FSCs are available in the user’s manual).

54) Can a pregnant woman use FSC « Antitobacco »?
Yes, a pregnant woman can use FSC “Antitobacco” if she had smoked before and would want to cleanse her body.  FSC “Antitobacco” is also essential for passive smokers.
Remember that a smoker mom will not give a healthy child.

55) Are there any interactions on FSC use?
Unlike any physiotherapy devices, the Koltsov’s FSC draws its work on human being from pure information. Its effects aren’t as fast as the physiotherapy’s but rather delicate, prolonged and close to nature. That is why it does not disturb, but rebalances body functions.
The Functional State Correctors show no side effect and generally addressed for everyone, except for people with organ transplantation. This is the only cons-indication existed.

56) When can we feel the advantages of the FSCs use?
You can feel their effects immediately or in a few weeks depending on each individual’s receptivity, sensibility whether they have used energies from FSCs or not.  Everything depends on the respect of the protocol seen in the user’s manual provided on the delivery

57) What do the keywords found in the description of each product serve to?
The keywords serve as reference for search engine optimization.You can look for informations by typing the keyword in the research section at the top right of the website page. Eg: type “heavy metals”, then that will take you to one or more results on the website.

58) Can FSCs be placed in a waterproof plastic bag to protect it without altering its action?
Sure, you can place your FSC in a plastic bag without problem because scalar waves can go through any materials. We recommend keeping it into its transparent box as well.
Furthermore, FSCs can handle splashing. If it accidentaly falls in water, take and dry it out if water has had timeto penetrate into the case. Having the FSC dropped in water for some hours can damage the device. If the plate located inside is not peeled-off from its case, it still works correctly.

59) How far is the range of FSC’s effectiveness?
The created energy field can be measured 6 meters around each controller.  FSCs can structure all the liquid around this proximity. it approximately kills harmful effects from electromagnetic waves and geopathogen fields in the environment.
Subtle vibrations can be quantified from 2 kilometers around Koltsov’s plate. Thus, to own FSCs will be beneficial for everyone and your surroundings like your family, neighbors, friends and colleagues.
Being among the humanity chain, everyone is responsible for each event on our planet. I would remind that these devices were invented to promote our living conditions, to get cleaner environment and raise our consciousness. The benefit of informational medicine exceeds its user expectancies and has worldwide impact.

60) Why does my FSC case different from the images displayed on the website?

According to the manufacturing series of FSCs, some case and font colors are different. FSC « Danilovo Lake » could be lilac or blue sky whereas the new FSC exclusives like FSC « lurking Lake », « Source of life » or «love formula Yang» are bicolored, the top lid is lilac and bottom lid is violet and vis versa.

The displayed font for FSCs vary according to manufacturing series. See images of FSC “Amaranth”. In addition, labels of Russian manufacturing companies may have some differences from one product to another. Recent FSCs generally include scratch off labels. Open the case and see the serial number. This however is not the case in the old FSCs. See samples below.

61) FSCs are very expensive!
FSCs seem expensive but it is a long term investment for your health. When you add up the costs of drugs, medical fees, and diagnosis sessions with a magnetizer and osteopath, etc., the FSC price offer is so much reasonable.

Far from a commercial approach, once you buy an FSC, you buy it once and can be unlimitedly used as family. FSCs don’t require batteries, wires or maintenance. It is an investment for short, medium and long term. The recorded information on FSCs are unalterable.

Unlike rocks or minerals that load over time, FSC devices do not require any maintenance and can be passed from one person to another.
Finally, FSCs alter the octane number in fuel and thus help achieve fuel saving around 10 to 15% with the same quantity.

In a nutshell, FSCs are all-in-one devices having several properties:
⦁    Protection against adverse effects of our environment such as electromagnetic waves, geo-pathogen areas and bad psycho-energy influence;
⦁    They boost aqueous environment: structure water and fluids in our body, allow general sanitation; change fuel structure to allow saving;
⦁    Correction of the energy structures such as energy balance, chakra openings and restoration of deteriorated aura by artificial waves.

When acting on energy structures, ie subtle bodies, benefits go all over the body as they are closely linked together.
Knowing all this, FSCs are the unique unparalleled devices.

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