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Hartmann network: no longer need to move!

There are places called « geo-pathogen areas » where natural radiations of the Earth and the Universe are unfavorable to life. In these areas, buildings collapse more often, natural and technological disasters frequently occur. The nature of geo-pathogen areas are not really known, yet their existence can’t be denied. The place where you live or work may happen to be in or around these areas

Back then, they call these areas “places of perdition” and no one would settle down there

But today, building constructions are everywhere and many neighborhoods may happen to live in disadvantaged areas. There are old stream beds among these places, for exemple in the administrative headquarter of Moscow, Mitino district. Moscow itself has eight big geo-pathogen areas. Their effects are strongly emplified by man’s techno-gen activity such as the big high powered TV towers and transmitters in Ostankino district. Power lines and radio transmission node can also worsen the effects of cosmo-telluric network

Koltsov’s FSC is a simple but effective way to counteract the effects of geo-pathogen fields.

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