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What does “FSCs synchronize with rhythms” mean?

The Earth core sends out frequencies to influence the condition of living beings’ health and longevity on Earth. Until the 50s of the last century, the Earth frequency rhythm of its "heartbeat" was 7.83Hz according to Schumann. This rhythm however has accelerated over time to reach 11 to 12 Hz in some cities of the world. This change explains why some people feel anxious in these places.

Scientists have warned: If the rhythm of the Earth reaches 13Hz, man will be unable to survive. But human beings can slowly adapt themselves under such situation as opposed to parasites which have the ability to alter. Thus, they benefit from this boosting phenomenon to become more and more resistant. That is why, nowadays, we no longer deal with the same parasites as in 5 or 10 years ago!

All FSCs are intended to synchronize body rhythms with the external rhythms, like the Earth rhythms. So, being exposed to one or several FSCs is like having been surrounded by waves of 7 Hz, proven to be the ideal condition of Earth frequency for the well-being of man. Therefore, people can soothingly feel reassured when in contact with one or more FSCs. Their sleep gets better, and depression turns into good mood and optimism.

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