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Structured water: myth or reality?

Human body is comprised of more than 80% water. It eats up massive energy to structure and crystallize absorbed fluids. In order to function properly, the body needs particular biological liquid. The benefit of unfrozen liquid called «meltwater» is a well-known fact. However, drinking water where its structure has been altered may drastically change its initial properties.

One might think that all chemical and molecule aspects of water have been thoroughly studied long time ago. However, among all definitions, there is concept called "water structuration". But what is it? What is structured water? Well, the answer to this question lies in the word itself.

Structured water has particular structuration. To help develop this concept, we can count on Russian researcher, Stanislas Zenine, the first to have published his thesis on water structuration.

Stanislave ZENINE

PhD in biology

Candidate in chemistry

Candidate in philosophy

President of the International Academy of Information Energy, in Russia.

Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.

Manager of Water Biophysics laboratory in the Institute of Ecology and Environment (INEE) in the Ministry of Health of Russia.

Expert in informational specificity of water

The following explanation should be considered in a few words.

Regardless of where ordinary water comes from, it contains 5% of molecules linked to hydrogen. And the remaining 95% of molecules in water are not bonded to hydrogen. They are known as free water molecules. Then, the question comes to mind: how come the 5% of molecules in water can guarantee its activity? And how possible the 95% do not take part in its vital process? Based on such observation, it’s hard to believe that the majority of water molecules have no functionality in its mass.

In fact, most of free water molecules have been proven to provide well-defined function: preserving information and being able to come in contact with hydrogen molecules.

Therefore, structured water comes in to be the water with additional hydrogen bonds and the non-structured water to give interactive results completely distinct with nature. Thus, structured water has positive effect in human beings and their environment.

Viktor Schauberger’s studies have defined the concept of turbulent water flow. Under the influence of electromagnetic field vibrator, water modifies its structure by changing its hydrogen bonds. The angular position must be equal to 104.7°. The difference between water vibration and the monitor is equal to 6.4Hz: the monitor is at 50Hz, whereas water in nature is at 7.8 Hz. Thus, water treatment from refinement stations would disrupt the natural frequency of water. Angular modification in hydrogen bonds and frequency change in vibration of water molecules will cause instability of hydrogen bonds.

How do hydrogen bonds form?

Each drop of water contains several billions of water molecules connected to each other by their poles. These poles are electrically charged, namely negative pole (the hydrogen atom) and positive pole (the oxygen atom). Mingling between them, each molecule acts like small magnet to form clusters*, the positive poles being attracted by the negative poles, and vice versa. A single water molecule is H2O. And a perfect cluster comprises at least 912 H2O molecules interconnected like puzzles, forming a hexahedron.

*En chimie, un cluster d’eau est un ensemble de molécules d’eau liées par des liaisons (= liens pont) hydrogène. > In chemistry, a water cluster is a set of water molecules and hydrogen bond assembly.

Water containing very small amount of unconnected and free water molecules is qualified as “structured”. Structured water then is able to interact with human bodies.

Human body does not have to waste time and energy to sort free water molecules, then produce clusters to allow them pass through cell membranes. In other words, structured water has been in harmony with nature whereas its existence has been prior to “technical progress of humanity.

Why are snowflakes always six-sided? Because their water structure simply meets the harmony of the creation of the world. In microcosm (molecules and atoms) and macrocosm (stars, galaxies, universe), such similarity seems to be governed by the same law and operated under the same principle, but in different scale and dimension.

Effect of structured water on the body

1)     Sleep normalization

2)     Periodontotitis treatment

3)     Cholesterol level reduction

4)     Maintaining acid-base balance

5)     Tartar and dental plaque removal

6)     Regulation of blood pressure

7)     Detoxification

9)     Normalization of metabolism

10)  Gallstones and kidney treatment with decomposed pebbles.

Science has allowed to study phenomenon and made possible their subsequent application. This is why researchers have found a simple and effective way to structure water after studying its structuration.

Thawing after deep freezing is a well-known method for structuring water. The unfrozen water then is called “meltwater”. During freezing procedures, free water molecules are driven into the formation of diamond-shaped crystal web. In other words, water is being structured. Following thawing, water molecules can return to its original state but can maintain the structured clusters created during crystallization process,

Freezing process is key for meltwater quality. The clearer and the more precise geometric shapes of flakes, the more water molecule structuration is successful. Conversely, the blurrier and the more undefined the flakes, the poorer quality of meltwater you obtain, as thawing process causes the formation of many free water molecules.

However, water structuration process extends far beyond. It could be comparable to a USB flash drive containing data. How could it be? It is exactly as if you transfer information from your computer to a device via Bluetooth. Well, we are used to this kind of technology and we do not really ask questions about how it works. In fact, a few of us are able to explain how data from PCs or smartphones can be found on other media devices. What really matters for the most of us is that it works out. If we schematically compare the integration principle of information in water and the recording principle of data in high-tech devices, we use the principle of electromagnetism in both cases.

Now let’s look back water molecules composing of oxygen pole (-) and hydrogen pole (+). These polarities allow the formation of clusters. Around these atoms, an electronic cloud endued of electromagnetic field is created and ideally have a frequency of 8.7Hz. Furthermore, any wireless transfer of data (videos, radio signal, Bluetooth…) also adopts electromagnetic waves with different frequencies. Such electromagnetic waves are known to be the main activity in human’s brain. And that’s why, for instance, hypnotists refill magnetic charges on water by the power of their thoughts. In reality we are all capable of structuring water.

Studies led by famous Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto could be one reference. He transmitted to the water various information in form of music or words. He then froze the water and analyzed the geometric accuracy of the formed flaky crystals.

These extraordinary pictures which Masaru Emoto has taken have been around the world. We are not going to talk about these photos! Only remember, mobile phones are more dangerous than computers. Their evil effect tells "I am going to kill”.

The structure of water molecules after the following words:

The impact of TVs on water molecules: before and after exposure:

The impact of mobile phones

The impact of computers

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