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Who is Kazimierz Piotrowicz ?

Kazimierz Piotrowicz, a polish scientist, doctor of science in the field of information technologies in medicine, a talented inventor, bioenergotherapist, Nobel Prize nominee, the “man of the year 1997”, author of the book «Treatment by the information flow», was the first person in the world to propose a treatment method, which uses the proper biologic energy of the body.

After seven years of search and studies, struggling to cure himself (Piotrowicz was confined to bed, risking to have his legs amputated) and to help his wife, who was diagnosed with cancer, Piotrowicz created the PIOKAL stimulators.

Having no more faith in methods the classic medicine provided, Kazimierz Piotrowicz started to study the reflex therapy, auriculotherapy, bioenergetics… Studying the writings of Alexander Gurwitsch and other scientists and being proficient in Earth physics, cybernetics and biotechnologies, he finally came up with the unique idea of using the waves of a body’s biofield for its own treatment and self-regulation. For this purpose, the feet were chosen as the bioactive spots situated there are projections of almost all organs of the body. 

This is how the feet stimulators appeared. Of course, Piotrowicz and his wife were the first ones, who tested them. After both had become brilliant results, the stimulators were tested on volunteers: hundreds of stimulators were sent to 40 monasteries and to the pope, who was suffering from a serious foot disease after a car accident. Applying the stimulators, the pope was surprised by the prompt relief he got: the foot ache had passed and shortly after the pontiff could officiate at a marriage of several couples. 1994 the grateful pope granted both Piotrowiczs an audience and gave his blessing for promotion of the Piokal stimulators.

Since that day, Piokal soles helped hundreds of thousands people all over the world. View product here.

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