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FSC n°10 is designed to regulate synovial fluid function and restores joint malfunction. It includes Buddah Faroon channel which promotes chakras opening and aura restoration, helps recover from extreme situation such as dizziness; Firast* and Chaon*, improves suppression of negative plans as well as elimination of toxins and salt excess. It also dissolves and eliminates sand. Buddha repairs stomach and joints, restores regulation channel of blood pressure and joint problems, resolves sore throat in case of cold. Series of coded digital channels for the prevention of various inflammatory processes in joints are added. Mineral polarizations were also added: rose quartz, agate, rock crystal; and plant polarization: pink quartz, agate, rock crystal and plant polarization: meadow clover, alfalfa, and skullcap.

Firast is an extremely powerful channel « of battle » that helps heal all pathologies and the following particular diseases :

Thrombophlebitis, varix, hearing disorder, cold, angina, flu…, dental pain, stomatitis, periodontitis, gingivitis, joint pains, mental retardation in children, diplegic cerebral palsy, cerebral cranial trauma and its consequences, enuresis, epilepsy, alcoholism and drug addiction. Combined with Chaon channel, it stops tumors.

The Firast channel is a powerful cleanser of water, food, clothes and other items. It is the only channel which cleans places such as houses, flats, offices, shops… and fights against evil eyes and curses; it releases entities and revitalizes water.

Combined with Firast channel, Chaon channel cures 95% of pathologies. It regenerates and cleanses meridians; prevents energy stagnation in the meridians. It helps dissolve unwanted deposits such as excess salt, stones in kidneys, bladder and gallbladder. Recommended in treatment of lipoma, sinusitis or migraine, it smoothies scars. The energy of Chaon channel cleanses the heart, the respiratory tracts and lungs. Finally, this channel is used for spine problems and in case of herniated disc. It helps cleanse liver, kidneys and rectum, urological and gynecological diseases. It revitalizes water.

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FSC n°10 « Healthy joints »

FSC n°10 « Healthy joints »

· Regulates synovial fluid function;

· Restores joint and stomach functions;

· Prevents different inflammatory processes of joints;

· Controls blood pressure;

· Promotes tissue regeneration, chakras opening and aura restoration.

· Resolves sore throat problems in case of cold;

Eliminates toxins and salt excess…

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