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Published : 2017-05-08 11:15:16
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Structuration: The word is from the verb « to structure » which means « to revitalize », therefore « revitalization ». Please note that the FSCs bring changes in the structure of all aqueous environments and atoms. For further information on  water structuration, click here.
Polarization: the action consists to extract the essence and properties of plants, minerals or particular location, then sustainably store this information on the FSCs.
Cosmoenergy: The overall knowledge and practices oriented to development, improvement and healing of the body and mind. This is a non-verabal action to operate on human beings. Healing procedures occurs through the link established with the energy channels of the Universe. The primary goal of man towards recovery is to restore harmony between all aspects of life: soul, mind and body. Restore harmony within the family, neighborhood and environment.Such systematic approach is common in traditional medicines like the Ayurveda or the Vedic knowledge of the ancient Slavics (for more information, see « Products » => «Lilac series».
Cosmo-energy channels: They are invisible bonds that connect us to the Universe. They may be activated by directing our consiciousness to impulse energetic and spiritual healing work.  In recent decades, scientists have measured the action of the cosmoenergy channels on various biosphere objects: water, water-based solution, low radioactive emission and plants. They showed evidence of the existence of cosmoenergy channels which has effect on humans (see « Products »=> «Lilac series».
Energy center = chakra. Chakras are localized energy allowing the energy of the Universe to flow through our body. If the chakras are not opened enough or they do not function properly, it creates energy abnormality causing diseases in the body.  If energy on a location is not sufficient, the person is likely to develop decreased activity of an organ which is the case of hypothyroidism. However, energy excess could induce hyperfunction and inflammation like tumor.
Energy refill: an exercise which consists of putting FSCs on all energy centers one by one in order to open them, of restoring the aura to get enough energy. In other words: by opening the chakras, energy can freely pass through. This can be done once or twice a day.
Solar center: We are talking of the energy center in the middle of the chest in the thymus. It is important to place the solar center to optimally work with FSC Lilac series
Hartmann Network: is a cosmo-telluric network that surrounds the Earth and radiates destructive and unfavorable energy. See « Documentation » => « Hartmann networks: no longer need to move out! »
Aura or magnetic field: the whole subtle bodies that surround our physical body. It is a radiation emanating from the body. It is a protective envelop responsible for our immune system. When the aura is fully restored, immune system is boosted. See. Pictures of Aura: FSC Section=> « What is FSC ? ».
Serguï Koltsov: founder of the Functional State Correctors of biological objects. Graduated from the University of Lomonossov in Moscow, he has long worked for the space air force and dedicated himself to Spacecraft navigation. He took part in the creation of the reusable spacecraft Buran
Heavy water: fluid filled of toxins in human body
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