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Our Quality Commitment

QUANT'ESSENCE 33 is the official distributor of Functional State Correctors and other wellness products in France and abroad. The legal representative, Diana Serrano, and her team are Russian native speakers, which facilitates their exchanges with the FSC manufacturer and guarantees the quality and completeness of information. All the contents presented on our homepage www.functional-state-corrector.com are results of our translations. We also have been working for you on translation, dubbing and subtitling of several Russian videos in English. They are available in the Videos section.

In direct contact with the team of Russian researchers since 2013, our team is kept up to date on new developments and offers you the best service in terms of individual support.
Indeed, we regularly attend videoconferences hosted by the team of Russian scientists to better meet your needs. We speak English, French and Russian.

We pay special attention to the documentation in English. A complete and detailed user manual, written in English, is provided upon delivery of your order, enabling optimal use of all FSC. (The results you get depend directly on how good you follow the written instructions!). The methodology contains practical advice derived from our personal experience and that of our clients, as well as from the experience of the Russian researchers, whose updates we follow constantly.



All our products are originals that come directly from the manufacturer. They are cleared, certified and guaranteed. The price displayed on this site includes all taxes. Our FSC are guaranteed against any counterfeiting by means of a unique identification number which you can validate online, directly on the Russian control site, where the manufacturer registers this number for each FSC.



On our site, you will have an optimal security. Payments are secured by our bank.

Available payment methods:

- Bank cards (Visa, Master Card, Maestro, American Express and most foreign cards)

- Bank transfer

- Bank check (only available in France)

We also take orders by phone. The number (+33) 6 06 48 92 05 is available from Monday to Friday from 9am to 12.30pm and from 2pm to 7pm. Make sure, you have your credit card handy.

Orders by mail

You can send us a letter with a bank check (only French checks are accepted). Remember to fill in your name, first name, phone number, e-mail address, delivery address and billing address if different. Your order will be processed upon receipt of your letter. You will be informed by e-mail of the receipt of your payment and the shipping of your order and will be able to follow its progress on the site of the French Post.

Checks should be made payable to SASU QUANT'ESSENCE 33 and sent to the following address: QUANT'ESSENCE 33 - Le Grand Chêne - 12260 Foissac.



FREE Delivery is available if you're ordering any item for delivery within France, Corsica and Monaco (standard shipping method - without signature). With the order of at least 3 FSC you are entitled for free delivery against signature (Colissimo Recommandé shipping method).


If you reside in an overseas country (eg Reunion Island, Guadeloupe, New Caledonia) or in a country outside the European Union (eg Switzerland, Canada, Morocco), you will benefit from the duty free price for all products of our site, which represents a saving of 20%. In return, the customs services of your country of residence may ask you to pay a customs tax upon receipt of your parcel. Fees vary by destination.

Example: for Switzerland, all customs fees amount to 17% of the invoice amount.

Example: for Reunion Island, the amount of customs duties generally varies between 15 and 17% of the duty free purchase price.

Upon confirmation of your order on our website, fill in your shipping address. Taxes will be calculated automatically according to the destination. If your delivery address is located in Canada, Morocco, Switzerland, Guadeloupe or Reunion Island, the site will calculate your invoice without VAT, the sum to be settled will be reduced by 20%. This goes in line with the rules of trade in goods with countries outside the European Union.

The shipping costs vary depending on geographical areas. From 3 CEF bought, delivery is for free, regardless of the destination. We deliver to any country in the world.



If you have purchased your FSC or your Salvator from another distributor and therefore have very few items to use in an optimal way, we offer consultations by e-mail and phone, as well as a personalized support.

Further, you can contact us for advice on the use of the products you already have, to receive instructions specific to each of them. We remind you, that all these holistic tools should be used wisely. We also propose two protocols for the activation and use of the Salvator, a complete methodology for all Koltsov plates, additional information specific to the purple or gold FSC series, involving the opening of cosmoenergetic channels and / or Maya channels, as well as additional information for FSC with specific characteristics (eg FSC "Clear view", FSC n°9 "Opening of the heart", FSC "Fauna & Flora", FSC n°8 "Night Formula", "Apple of Youth", "Amaranth" etc.).

Consultation fees:

If you choose to be consulted both on the subject of CEF and the Salvator, we charge the service fee twice, i.e. € 50.00 x 2 = € 100.00 inclusive of all taxes. Indeed, the technologies are completely different and have to be discussed separately.

Payment can be made by bank transfer (we will provide you with the IBAN of the company for this purpose). You also can make the payment by phone at (+33) 6 06 48 92 05, providing us with your credit card information. 

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